Travel the World!

I have traveled extensively during my 30+ years on planet Earth and this is where I will be posting my tips, tricks and stories of my travels.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at anytime.  I have also lived abroad in 5 countries or 6 if you count one particular place as a country(not going political here yet!)   I have been on countless airlines, buses, trains, hitchhiked, gotten sick, lost, and more.

I will talk about food, booze, tech, travel movies, politics now and then, travel products that are useful, jobs overseas, rants and more!

If you like my page, feel free to share it with anyone and if you like any of the photos you see, contact me for usage.  If you are planing to travel the world, do a round the world trip or just curious about someone’s experiences in another country, feel free to contact me or just subscribe.




Republic of Georgia, Kazbegi

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