My Super Top Travel Tips for Travel

Super Duper Top Travel Tips

1. Take the taxi from the arrival area, not departures.  Why? Departure taxi’s usually add an extra fee, there is often a long time and some of the taxi companies are several time’s the rate of a regular city taxi.  Save time and money.

2. Have two banks! If you are traveling for an extended period or living abroad, at some point you will have a banking issue.  The bank will either freeze your card at a terrible time(late at night in a new city, no internet area to call on skype) or worse you will either lose the card or have it stolen.  If you have a second card, it can help to have a few hundred dollars on it and keep it in a sock or tucked away just in case of an emergency.

3. Fried food kills later in life, but raw veggies can give you the runs today!  If you like street food(and I do), you do have to somewhat be cautious.   In some cities like Bangkok, it does not seem to be that big of an issue but other places, almost every foreigner will encounter some nasty food poisoning.  You can significantly reduce your risk to food poisoning by eating Fried foods(rice is ok too) without veggies, eggs,etc.  Once your system is adjusted, like if you are living in that particular country, you can handle much more food without having a real bad surprise.

4. Any guy that says “Hello My Friend!” usually is not your friend.

5. If you have a really big carry on bag, ideally it’s a backpack.  Why? Well you can put it on and face forward to the check in counter.  I’ve never been asked to remove my backpack to check if it’s too big or too heavy, but when I had a small rolling bag, this happen several times.

6.If a taxi driver or tout/sales man asks you “First time ….” It’s not your first time, yes they might be naturally curious but 99% of the time they are actually gauging if they can get some extra peso,baht, ruble, dollars, rmb, sol out of your pockets!

7.Hotter countries like lighter beer. Yes, it’s true and undeniable.


Top Travel tips!