Fake Countries in TV and Movies

Rant alert!  As someone who loves history, politics and geography there is nothing more annoying than fake countries in TV and Movies! It’s not as if the world is devoid of evil political figures or misbehaving national armies or rebel groups right?  So why do they make a fake country? Well most likely because they want to 1. not “offend” and 2. because they want to base the plot on vague national stereotypes without naming them.

The series the West Wing, Qumar? Pardon..where the hell is Qumar, someplace “vaguely Middle Eastern” or how about  Equatorial Kundu? Do they mean Equatorial Guinea, a real life totalitarian state? Oh, we wouldn’t want to offend their elites while they in real life steal from the population, right?

24 is another weak series with fake countries, they might as well call it “Romulus”, that’s made up too and at least it has a well created fictional history.

Another honorable mention for being weak is the Arma series of pc games, which I actually love, they use real countries as combatants like Nato, China, Iran but fake countries where the actual battles take place, why? Mysterious and stupid..maybe too lazy to model real town or geographic maps.

Where are we?

Let’s all just get a little better and get some real counties in there..need some ideas? Pick up a newspaper.  Iraq, Syria, Libya, Central African Republic are all racked in conflict.  Iran wants nuclear weapons, Israel wants to pretend it does not have nuclear weapons.  North Korea??? Who can forget their crazy, bizarre leader.  If the Hobbit’s Mordor was renamed Iran, you would most likely think that was stupid, correct?  Yes, and so let’s stop lazy producers from making fake countries and flavor the world with the scary real world that is out there.